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My inspiration for this blog site began several years ago when a college roommate was the speaker at the annual fundraiser for the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs.  I attended out of friendship and proceeded to endure the OCPA’s communications for several years thereafter, candidly not paying much attention until I went to work as CFO for the Sand Springs Public Schools.  That position led to my awareness of how the OCPA influenced the growing number of Republican legislators who were rapidly ascending to control of our state’s policies.  Their influence is in no small part responsible for the financial mess we are now in as a state.

My first detailed engagement was a review of the OCPA’s paper “Saving Workers’ Retirement” resulting in discovery of the group’s shallow analysis and ideologically driven conclusions.  Here is a summary of my study of Oklahoma’s public pensions I prepared in early 2015:

Ten Facts About Oklahoma.san

Now that I have retired on earned public pensions, both Social Security and Oklahoma Teachers Retirement, I have time to formally review and correct some of what OCPA produces.  Therefore I am an:

Oklahoma (born in Osage County in 1947, graduated Tulsa’s Nathan Hale High School 1965)

Councilor (my 15 minutes of fame was being Tulsa’s first Chair of its City Council in 1990) for

Public (OCPA and other Limited Thinkers Definition)


Gary Watts

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